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Specialized In :

  • Tandoori Specialities
  • Beef Delicacies
  • Lamb Delicacies
  • Halal Goat Meat
  • Chicken Delights
  • Shrimp Fish
  • Vegetables Specialities
  • Rice Specialties
  • Other Dishes Prepared On Order

Address :

  • Sangam Indian Cuisine
  • 424 Eddy St. Ithaca,
  • NY - 14850
  • Tel: (607) 273 1006
  • Fax: (607) 273 1006

Welcome to Sangam Indian Restaurant :

A gracious welcome to Sangam. A holy place in India where two rivers, Ganga and Jamuna merge into another. For the young "Sangam" signifies meeting of two hearts, two seperate individuals becoming one. India also signifies another form of "Sangam" - merging of various cultures and traditions, primarily Hindu & Muslim, and becoming a new identity known as "Indian". Taj Mahal, shown here, is a fine example of this "Sangam" where Persian construction techniques were built by Hindu craftsmen.



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